10 Baby Names to Celebrate the Season of Thanksgiving

Baby Names to Celebrate the Season of ThanksgivingI’ve always dreamed about giving birth to a little girl during the month of December, just so I could name her Noel. I don’t know what it is, but celebrating a child with a name specific to the time of year he or she was born has always sounded really special to me.

But alas, I’ve never had the opportunity.

Today is Thanksgiving here in the USA, and even though it’s a national holiday, babies will be born. So during this season of giving thanks, there’s never been a more appropriate time of year to name a child after a day that signifies gratefulness and abundance with the blessing of a new child. Because truly, the gift of a baby is the best blessing of all.

Baby names with thanks or gratitude in their meaning:

Girl Names:

  1. Eva: Hebrew meaning for “Giver of Life”
  2. Jendayi: Egyptian meaning for “thankful”
  3. Naflah : Arabic meaning for “overabundance”
  4. Dora – Greek meaning for “gift”
  5. Grace: Latin meaning for “favor, blessing”

Boy Names:

  1. Jose: Spanish meaning for “may God give increase”
  2. Shakir: Arabic meaning for “grateful”
  3. Asher: Hebrew meaning for “blessed”
  4. Jonathan: Hebrew meaning for “God has given”
  5. Kuron: African meaning for “thanks”

How about you? Did you give your baby either a first or middle name to celebrate the season of which they were born in?

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