Raising a Bilingual (Or Multilingual) Child When You Don't Speak the Language

There are so many benefits of learning a second (or third) language. As we’ve heard time and time again, little minds are remarkable at absorbing language skills. We’re raising our son bilingual in English and Spanish, but ideally we’d love for him to learn another language. The only problem is, we don’t speak a third language. So how do you go about teaching, say Spanish or Mandarin when you don’t speak the language? It can seem a bit intimidating at first, but here are a few tips that might help you with teaching a second language to your little one:

Macks' First Halloween

I have always been a huge fan of holidays and even more so when my children are celebrating them for the first time. Today is Macks’ first Halloween and while he doesn’t know that this day is any different from the rest, he will when he’s older.

With two older sisters, Macks was set-up to have a very special first Halloween. The girls picked out his costume months in advance and our oldest, Harlan, even wanted to coordinate her costume with his. She’s going as the princess and he’s going as the frog. I love that they care about him so much and want him to be involved in their daily lives and even special occasions like Halloween.

5 Ways My Toddler Tries To Copy His Baby Brother

KJ is definitely a thriving 2 year old. He loves to talk, sing, dance, eat and show his baby brother the ropes. There are times, however, when KJ gets this mischievous look on his face and I can tell he’s thinking: “Hey, no fair! I used to do things like that but now I’m too big…or am I??”

Here is a list of adorable things my little copycat is still trying to do:

Inspiring Latina Moms: Maria

Last month we featured our first inspiring Latina mom. The purpose of this monthly feature is to spread the mama love. There is too much mom shaming going on and we need to uplift and encourage each other more. That’s why I want to feature an inspiring Latina mom every month. We want these moms to know that they are loved and appreciated. We see what they’re doing and we want to acknowledge it. 

Our Little "Helper"

As I’ve shared before, being a first time parent I’m learning SO much about all the amazing little things that have been apart of this journey so far. Whether it’s growing by leaps and bounds, warming our hearts with laughter, or starting new family traditions this front row seat to growth is wonderful.

It appears our next stage is one of our little “helper.” For any of you who have gone through this stage, you know exactly why I put helper in quotes.

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