Keeping Our Toddler Happy While Staying Busy on Vacation

This week we’re in Texas celebrating Thanksgiving and visiting family. Our trip down was a magical one and being able to spend time with family we don’t see every day is a wonderful feeling. More so, getting to see our little guy spend so much time with his Mama and Papa (Grandma & Grandpa), his Tia’s and Tio (Aunt’s and Uncle), and cousins, is a great time for him. It also means we’re staying very busy, and have to be prepared every time we head out the door.

4 Clever Tricks for a Mess-Free Thanksgiving Day

We all know how busy Thanksgiving Day can get, especially when you are a mommy! And the last thing you want to do on a holiday is spend all of your day cleaning.

Here are some items that can help you keep your babies as mess-free as possible, not just on Thanksgiving, but any day of the year.

The Perfect Thanksgiving Day Outfit for Boys

One of my favorite things about the holidays is dressing up our little man. I always like to look for fun little outfits, whether it’s a blazer or some cute suspenders. I’m still trying to decide what he’ll wear this Thanksgiving, and in my search I came across this adorable 3-piece set from Babies “R” Us.

Our 2-Year-Old's Surprising New Talent

It’s amazing how we, as parents, can find such tiny milestones in our babies lives so impressive. But that is all part of being a parent — finding the magic in the smallest of moments.

With Bentley being 8 months old, it seems he is hitting new milestones every day. The first year of life brings moments like this back-to-back.

KJ is 2, though, and apart from learning to potty train and starting to speak in sentences, he is pretty set in his accomplishments for the moment. Until the other day, when I realized he has a whole new talent! Read on to find out what this magical thing is:

From Grumpy to Sleepy: Our Baby's Sleep and Feeding Schedule

One of the best pieces of advice I received from a friend was to have our baby on a regular routine. Overall, the needs of babies are pretty basic: They eat, sleep, and play. But knowing when it was time for each helped us take the guesswork out of why our little one was grumpy. We knew if he was crying around 11 a.m., it wasn’t because he was hungry, but because he was ready for a nap. In the end, having a well-rested baby (with a full tummy) made the world of a difference. He was such a happy baby.

As the months went by, his routine would change. And now that he’s 23 months, it’s completely different than when he was 10 months (he’s currently down to one nap a day). The other day, I found my notebook in which I had written down his sleep and feeding schedule and thought I would share.

In case you’re looking for a schedule to reference, here is the one that worked for us.

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