Sweet as Hunny: Winnie the Pooh Garden Baby Gear Collection at Sears

Got a little hunny of your own on the way? You’re going to fall head over heels for this adorable Winnie the Pooh Garden collection of baby gear, available at Sears! With every major essential you need for baby, you’ll be decked out with solidly stylish gear with its adorable purple floral patterns and details.

Let’s take a stroll through this mini Hundred Acre Wood of cuteness!

Soren’s First time at the Beach!

A few weekends ago we decided to pack up our things and go with some of our closest friends to visit Myrtle Beach! This would be Soren’s first trip to the beach AND the longest car-ride he’s ever been on. Six hours to be exact!

A Baby Who Needs Alone Time

I’m definitely an introvert, and so I’m not surprised to see that both of my girls need a little alone time when they’re feeling overwhelmed or tired.

Of course, because they are little, they don’t always recognize that they need it, and as a parent, I’ve learned to suggest it to them when I can tell they are spiraling out of control.

My older daughter started begging to get in her crib when she was eight or nine months old. Almost every evening, right as the witching hour approached, she would stand by her crib until I put her in there. Then she’d lay there, cooing to herself (and later, looking at books) for a good twenty or thirty minutes.

Alone time for toddlers

This definitely eased dinner prep for me for many months.

My second daughter isn’t as quick to recognize that she will be happier with a little alone time, but if she’s melting down and my husband or I ask if she’d like to go lay down with her pacifier for a few minutes, she almost always says in a teary little voice, “Yessssss.”

Our current setup means she can get in her bed on her own, and she’ll climb the stairs, spend about five minutes on her own, and then come back down much happier about life in general.

Anyone else have babies that benefit from a little time away from stimulation and noise?

Alone time for toddlers

7 Style Tips That Will Make Your Mama Life Easier

When I first became a mama, I’ll admit that my sense of style took a bit of a sabbatical for awhile. A postpartum body and nursing access to concern myself with and fashion became more of a chore than something I enjoyed. But over time, my body returned to a new normal and I started to enjoy getting dressed again. And while I was settling into style again I found a few things that made the transition much easier and I wanted to share them here with you!
7 Style Tips That Will Make Your Mama Life Easier

Our First Family Halloween


For our first Halloween with my son, Aarlen, I thought it would be fun to start the tradition of doing family costumes. My daughter, Naliya, wanted to be Doc McStuffins, and it was the perfect choice since there were enough characters to create both parent and child costumes.

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