4 Halloween Traditions I'm Excited to Pass on to My Kids

Is it just me, or does Halloween seem to be the craftiest holiday? I mean, every holiday makes for fun family crafts, but Halloween just has so many! And who can forget trick or treating, pumpkin carving, getting dressed up in costumes, and having themed parties?!

My family always had so much fun at Halloween — and now that I have two boys of my own, I am so excited to continue some of those traditions as well as start our own.

Here is a list of four family traditions I will be continuing with my little ones!

How I Shop for Baby's Holiday Outfits

I have to admit that one of my favorite parts of parenting is picking out cute outfits for my kids. And kids’ clothes today are cuter than ever! I love all the teeny tiny options.

Now with the holidays coming up, there are so many outfits I will need to buy. There’s Thanksgiving (day and night, because we like to hit up as many turkey meals as possible), Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, special church services, and New Year’s Eve. My kids will have to be stylin’. 


Brighten the Nursery with Mickey Mouse Crib Bedding

There are mice all over my house and I don’t mind at all, because Minnie and Mickey are just too cute for words. My kids certainly agree, and I bet you do too.

I am always in search of bedding sets that can add a pop of color to my kids’ rooms, while giving them something to giggle about. If that’s also what you search for, you will love this Mickey Mouse Crib Bedding Set

Instead of Trick or Treating, Why Not Trunk or Treat?

Trick or treating is one of the most fun parts of Halloween. But for some people it isn’t an option. Either they don’t live in a neighborhood where they feel it is a safe choice, or they live in an apartment complex and don’t have anywhere to take their kids to trick or treat. Well, I’ve got a great option for ya: TRUNK OR TREAT! 

New NUK Mickey and Minnie Pacifiers and Learner Cups at Walmart

Whether you’re transitioning from bottle to cup or looking for the perfect pacifier to soothe your baby, the new NUK Mickey and Minnie pacifiers and learner cups are just what you need. We’ve been huge fans of NUK products ever since our little guy was born, and although our son is a thumb sucker, NUK was one of the very few brands of pacifiers he liked. When our little guy was fussy (and nothing seemed to soothe him) the NUK pacifier did the trick. We always carried it with us when we were headed to the mall or eating out.


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