NEW: It's a Small World Collection at Target!

I’m so excited to share with you the latest Disney Baby collection: It’s a Small World, now available at Target! This adorable new collection features everything from clothing to plush toys to bibs and blankets. With a brightly colored theme of cute animals in the classic It’s a Small World style, this is one spring collection for baby you don’t want to miss out on!

5 Reasons I Love Having 3 Kids

I’m nearly 10 months into being a mom of 3. And I’ve got to say, it has taken some getting used to. With your first baby, everything is new and different, but totally wonderful. When your second comes along, you learn to juggle a bit and get used to meeting the needs of 2 tiny humans. But when your third is born? It’s survival. You don’t have enough hands or eyes. Sleep becomes a fond memory of the past. As hard and exhausting as it all is, 3 kids has been amazing. Here are 5 reasons I love being a mom of 3…

The Face of Pure Joy

Is there anything better than watching your babe explode with joy?! Little Miss Margot is over the moon with her new Lion King Drop ‘n Roar Simba toy. As soon as I put it on the floor and let her play, she started squealing! It plays some music and Simba and Zazu both say a few things. Her favorite part though, was watching the balls slide down the slide and come out of Simba’s mouth! Pure joy!

How Our Bedtime Routine Has Changed

Sometimes I still can’t believe Judah is 20 months old already! There’s been so much that has changed as he’s grown from a sweet tiny newborn to an adventurous, curious toddler. I’ve seen some of the biggest changes in something as simple as our bedtime routine as our toddler has grown.

5 Simple Baby Grooming Tips

Babies and toddlers can be brave explorers: always ready to tackle the world around them, no matter the mess they might encounter! Sometimes it’s okay to embrace the mess but at some point, it’s time for fresh faces and clean hands. Here are my 5 simple baby grooming tips to keep your little one looking fabulous!

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