Baby Love

In the midst of all the presents, all the traveling and all of the general ruckus – while visiting family and friends, camped out on air matresses touring across the miles with a fully loaded van full of baby and toddler arsenal..things can feel more than a little bit crazy.

When deadlines loom and daycare isn’t an option and our hearts are pulled in every direction, it’s in the everyday moments of days like today, where we hang out in pajamas well past noon and close the computers – to heck with the deadlines, because we just can’t remove ourselves from all. Of. This. LOVE.

Specifically, my little baby girl who just wants to play with us in an imaginary way. I mean, who could resist her? Isn’t this what the holidays are all about? Just stopping. Just enjoying…

Selena is a crafty, culinary mom. Creative Director. Social Media & Branding Consultant. Part-time big-mouth & frequent foot-eater. Daily contributor. Proud of her Anishinaabe roots.

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