Passing on the Tools to My Baby Girl

I grew up in a household of all girls. It wasn’t until much later my brother was born. My father is an electrician and overall handy man. There isn’t a thing he can’t build or fix. Though I had my fair share of dolls, what really interested me were my father’s tools. I always hovered around him while he was working around the house.

Backyard decks, installing chandeliers, tiling a floor, whatever it was he was doing, I was there watching. ”Do you need any help, Baba?” I would ask, eagerly awaiting an answer that involved me using the power drill. Instead my tasks normally included passing a wrench or holding the faucet straight as he tightened it.

Babies using tools

Once I grew up and got married, I still held on to that love of tools and building that I had as a young girl. It never really left me. I assembled all of the furniture in our home while my husband did the heavy lifting. I assembled baby furniture right up through my ninth month of pregnancy. Not because my husband hated reading directions and would leave a few pieces behind after a build, but because I loved doing it myself. At the end of each assembly or after evenly hanging pictures around the house, I would stand back and think to myself, “Baba would be so proud.”

I have three daughters and hope to pass on that DIY trait to them. I want them to feel comfortable walking through the aisles of a hardware store. Know that they shouldn’t be intimidated by a fifteen page instruction booklet to assemble a home gym. And if they want to own fabulous shoes, they’ll have the ability to build a beautiful shoe rack to display them.

What trait has your Baby already picked up from you?

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