Patriotic Baby Names Inspired by the Founding Mothers

Feeling patriotic with your little one on the way? Add a nod to history into your family with these lovely baby girl names inspired by the Founding Mothers: the women behind the men of the Declaration of Independence! In addition to representing a unique slice of American history, these classic girls’ names have an on-trend vintage feel, making them both popular and timeless.

Whether you’re an actual “Daughter of the Revolution” or not, get inspired with these wonderfully historic, patriotic girls’ names from the Founding Mothers!

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    Wife of John Adams from Massachusetts, Abigail was a mother of five children, including her son John Quincy Adams, who would go on to become the sixth President of the United States. She would also serve as American’s second First Lady when her husband was in office. Abigail is a Hebrew name mean “joy of my father.”
  • ANN
    Wife of Samuel Chase from Maryland, Ann Baldwin was a mother of seven children. Ann is an Old English variant of the French “Anne” meaning “grace.”
    Wife of New Jersey diplomat Richard Stockton, Annis Boudinot was a celebrated poet of social and literary prominence in colonial America. Annis is a name with Greek origins meaning “chaste” or “holy.”
    Contrary to popular belief, Benjamin Franklin did have a wife, if only through common law marriage. Deborah Read had two children of her own with Franklin and also raised his illegitimate son, William, who would later become the Governor of New Jersey. Deborah is a Hebrew name meaning “bee.”
    Wife of John Hancock (the biggest signature on the Declaration of Independence), Dorothy Quincy was the mother of two children. Dorothy is a Old English name meaning “gift of G-d.”
    Wife of Massachusetts statesman, philosopher and brewer, Elizabeth was the mother of six children. Elizabeth is a Hebrew name meaning “an oath to G-d.”
    Wife of George Read from Delaware, Gertrude Ross Till was the mother of five children. Gertrude is a German name meaning “spear.”
    Wife of Edward Rutledge from South Carolina, Henrietta was the mother of three children. Henrietta is a feminine version of the English name “Henry” meaning “ruler of the home.”
    Wife of Carter Braxton from Virgina, Judith was the mother of two children. Judith is the feminine variant of the Hebrew name “Judah” meaning “praised.”
    Wife of Pennsylvania diplomat and physician Benjamin Rush, Julia Stockton was daughter of New Jersey diplomat Richard Stockton and the mother of thirteen children! She is credited with having the most children of all the Founding Mothers. Julia is a Latin name meaning “youthful.”
    Wife of Oliver Wolcott from Connecticut, Laura (given name Lorraine) was the mother of five children. Laura is a Latin name meaning “laurel.”
    There are two famous Founding Mother Marthas: first, Martha Washington, wife of Virginia diplomat and first President of the United States, George Washington; the second Martha was Martha Jefferson, wife of Declaration signer and third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Martha Washington was the mother of two children from a marriage previous to Washington; Martha Jefferson was the mother to six children with Jefferson. Martha is an Aramaic name meaning “lady.”
  • MARY
    Wife of Robert Morris from Pennsylvania, Mary White was the mother of seven children. Mary is a Hebrew name meaning “bitter.”
    Wife of James Wilson from Pennsylvania, Rachel Bird was the mother of six children. Rachel is a Hebrew name meaning “ewe.”
    Wife of Roger Sherman from Connecticut, Rebecca Minot Prescott was the mother of eight children. An acquaintance of Betsey Ross, Rebecca would go on to create the state flag of Connecticut. Rebecca is a Hebrew name meaning “G-d’s servant.”
    Wife of Robert Treat Paine from Massachusetts, Sally Cobb was the mother of eight children. Sally is a diminutive of the Hebrew name “Sarah” name meaning “princess.”
    Wife of Abraham Clark from New Jersey, Sarah Hatfield was the mother of ten children. Sarah is a Hebrew name meaning “princess.”
    Wife of John Penn from Virginia, Susannah Lyne was the mother of two children. Susannah is a Hebrew name meaning “lily.”

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