What Our Thanksgiving Looks Like

Out of the twenty-seven Thanksgivings in my life, twenty-three have looked a bit like this. It’s a tradition to meet at my grandma’s farm and share in family time and a lot of good pie. And luckily I’ve convinced my husband it’s a good tradition to keep. I can’t wait to share the experience with Beck this year even though the only part of the meal he’ll be tasting is the sweet potatoes (which he’ll most likely spit out).


Along with the pies, a gratitude bunting is hung and everyone contributes one thing they’re especially grateful for that year. I bet you can guess what I’ll write this year. Everyday I’m grateful for a certain round faced little boy who brings an inexplicable amount of joy to my life. I’m grateful he’s happy and healthy and because of him, I am a mother.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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