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Amy Heinz is the mom next door. She’s been using her words to build worldwide brands, tame her three children (and husband), and make other moms feel better about themselves for more years than she can count. (And to think, she used to be good at math.) Her personal blog,, is filled with lessons she’s learned (usually the hard way), laughs she’s enjoyed (mostly at her own expense), and tears she’s shed (this mama’s got heart). You can find Amy on Yahoo! Shine as a Parenting Guru (insert laugh here) and, now, right here on Disney Baby. Read more from Amy on her slice-of-life parenting blog, Using Our Words. You can also follow her on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Moms Working For You: Real Life Wellness

So many moms I know joke about how they chugged down a diet soda for breakfast while they were pureeing organic baby food for their precious newborn. It’s so easy to get caught up in the demands of motherhood that we forget to take care of ourselves. While I tend to love all mom-owned businesses, this is one that has made a real difference for me as a mom of three little kids. Cristie, known by many as The Right Hand Mom, is a blogger who started her own health and wellness business, Real Life Wellness. Though she’s on the east coast, she coached me over the phone and helped me discover that poor food choices were causing some of my biggest health issues — including what seemed to be seasonal allergies. While I’m far from perfect, I’m a lot happier and healthier thanks to her. (Oh, and perfection isn’t her thing, so that makes it a whole lot easier to learn from her — and like her.)

Real Life Wellness intro

A Simple DIY Ladybug Birthday Party

It turns out my baby is officially no longer a baby. “Pink” turned 2 last week. For some reason I was obsessed with the idea of planning a ladybug party. The thing is, I’m not all that crafty. (Pinterest gives me major anxiety!) Oh, I’ve got big ideas, but I know that when it comes down to reality, I have to keep it simple. So I did. And it the party turned out to be the perfect way to celebrate my sweet little ladybug.

If I could do these things, just about anybody can. Really.

ladybug birthday party

You Are




Moms Working For You: Cozy Up with LulyBoo

It always amazes me when I meet moms who are not only raising kids, but are also starting their own businesses. Especially when they’re moms who see a need that’s not being met and decide to solve the problem. I’ve introduced the moms behind sugarSNAP and Fourth Love, and today I introduce Pazit of LulyBoo. I hope you find her as inspiring — and inspired — as I do.

LulyBoo mom

Winnie the Pooh Wonder and Wander App

The Hundred Acre Wood is calling — both you and your little one. The Winnie the Pooh Wonder and Wander App (which is free to download and was recently updated) is playful fun for those grabby little hands that can’t seem to stay away from your iPhone or iPad. While you can interact with the setting — making the sun rise and set, ruffling the leaves, etc. — I think the games are what budding toddlers will love most.

Here’s a sneak peak into the fun…

App Intro
Rocket Fuel