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Chaunie Brusie is a labor and delivery nurse turned writer and a young mom of four. She is the author of Tiny Blue Lines: Reclaiming Your Life, Preparing For Your Baby, and Moving Forward in Faith in an Unplanned Pregnancy, and loves encouraging mothers to pursue their dreams while raising little ones at home. Find her on her blog, Facebook, or Twitter.

My Favorite Part Of The Day With Baby

If you asked most mothers what their favorite time of day with their little ones is, you might get the typical response of, “bedtime!”

And on many levels, of course that is a great time of day–there’s nothing quite like the scent of freshly-bathed babes and children, looking all cute and cozy in their pajamas, and that moment when the whole family piles on the bed together to read a nighttime story.

But if I’m being totally honest with you, there are also nights that I completely dread bed time. By that time of night, I am so exhausted and even though I want to make bath time and story time fun and loving, I also just want to get it over with so I can collapse into bed myself–for a few hours until the baby needs to be fed again, anyways.

Which is why, if I had to choose, I would say that morning is my favorite part of the day with my baby. 

The Coolest Little Girl's Playpen I Ever Did See

With my first baby, I happily registered for the sweetest little white bassinet for our baby shower. 

It was trimmed with lace and frills, with a delicate silk green ribbon running along its curved top–you know, in case we had a boy next, so it wasn’t too girly. I imagined days spent gazing over the side of the bassinet at my perfect little baby in our perfect, pristine nursery as the soft hazy glow of motherhood surrounded us both, making me look tired but yet serenely beautiful.

And my dreams came true–for about a week anyways. And then the bottom on the bassinet gave out and started to curve and my daughter wouldn’t sleep in it for more than a millisecond and same with baby #2 and then when baby #3 was born, he was a giant baby and wouldn’t even fit in the darn thing at all, so I wised up and finally dragged out the playpen into our bedroom.


If I had one word of advice for pregnant moms, it would be to forgo any cutest little bassinets for baby and instead, invest in a really nice playpen, because it’s really the one piece of equipment you will need to save your life. A good playpen can be the baby’s crib, can fit in your room or any room in the house, and it can do double duty as a bassinet, bouncy chair, changing table, and dresser. (Yup, I store clothes in the bottom of mine.)

And if you’re really, really smart, you will pick up this Graco Pack `n Play Cuddle Cove Premier Rocking Seat Play Yard, because it really is the coolest little girl’s play pen I have ever seen.

Save Now On Crib Bedding Sets!

If you’ve been looking for your favorite Disney characters to decorate your little one’s crib, you are in luck, my fellow Disney-loving friend.

Right now, over at Toys”R”Us, you can save up to $40 on crib bedding sets from Disney, with prices starting as low as $159 for a complete four-piece set, including a comforter, crib sheet, dust ruffle, and everyone’s favorite feature: the diaper stacker. Click through to see some of the savings and fun character pieces!

2-in-1 Disney Compact Potty Seats on Sale!

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve tripped over the stools and potty seats currently littering my bathroom, I would probably be spending my money on these genius 2-in-1 Disney Compact Potty Seats instead.

Not only do these seats save space by working double-time as a step-stool for baby and a potty chair, but the Disney designs will make your little one so excited to have their own special seat (and stool!). Whether you choose Minnie Mouse or Nemo, you can’t go wrong. Oh, and did I mention that they’re on sale? Click through for the details!

50 Beautiful Blended Baby Names

In the search to find the perfect baby name for your little one, why not consider blending old and new for the perfect combination?

Blended baby names are a tradition that dates back many years, when families would blend names together to form new combinations. A son might have a mix of a father’s name and his role, for instance, such as in a name like, “Benson,” which literally means, “Ben’s son.”

Alternatively, a blended baby’s name might be a wonderful way to incorporate a mother’s maiden name or honor family members that are important to you. Or, maybe you simply can’t agree on your favorite name with your partner and can simply blend the two together. Click through for some examples of beautiful blended baby’s names for your own inspiration!

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