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The 50 Rarest Baby Names of All!

While everyone’s curious as to what the most popular baby names are in a given year, there’s a lot of valuable information to be found in the names at the very bottom of those lists every year, too. Far, far below all the Sophias and Liams, Masons and Emilys is a treasure trove of rare names that are still fantastic baby name choices. The good news is you’ll practically guarantee you won’t find another baby with your little one’s name in your playgroup!

Here are 50 of the rarest baby names in 2013, according to the Social Security Administration’s top 1000 baby names. The criteria for this list: There had to be fewer than 500 births of each name, and over the 500th most popular names (so, closer to the bottom of the list).

Check out 50 rarest baby name gems I’ve found!

Judah's First Haircut

It’s been a big week for Judah: he just started walking and over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, he got his first haircut! We had no idea what to expect: if Judah would squirm or cry or fuss… and he surprised us all!

Read more to see the finished look and a video of the experience!

Look Who's FINALLY Walking!

We worried. We coached. We waited… and waited, and waited, and waited some more. And then, as if by magic just last weekend, he finally did it: Judah started walking all on his own!

The Power of Pretend

I have decided that 18 months is — by far — the coolest age of toddlerhood. Judah’s world has begun to take shape in whole new ways such that as a parent, I’m genuinely amazed at how quickly and creatively he’s taking it all in. Words, numbers, even letters! His little brain is practically moving at the speed of light. It is magical to behold.

But my favorite part? Watching him play pretend — and even playing pretend with him.

The One Emotion Every Mom Can Understand

There’s one emotion, that above all other emotions, that every mother on this planet can understand: guilt. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? As a first-time mom, it’s something that looms large, no matter how much I do. I could be doing more for my son, I think. The thought creeps up at times where I feel my least assured, my least confident, my most overwhelmed. I’m never enough for him, my nagging self-doubt seems to say.

But the the truth is: I am enough. And so are you.

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