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What Trying to Stay Fit with an Active Toddler Really Looks Like

Fitness is something I take very seriously, and after having three children, it’s taken me quite a bit of time to get back to the shape that I’m in today. Time and a whole lot of challenges.

When babies are small, they are so easy to take care of. Sitting in their bouncer, swing, or high chair, they can watch you work, and it doesn’t take much to keep them entertained. The toddler stage is more of a challenge.

Every morning, after the kids go to school, I preoccupy my son with a book, or a game. Sometimes it works and sometimes… well. You’ll have to watch the Story below to find out.

Daisy & Donald ~ The Newest Baby Fashion Collection for Spring

Are you ready to start planning for spring and summer? I was ready at the end of November after looking out my front window one morning and noticing a blanket of snow on the ground! Winters are very long here in Canada, and the weather doesn’t start to warm up until April. Needless to say, I’m very excited when the words “spring” and “summer” start popping up in the shops!

The minute the spring fashion collections start hitting the stores, I’m filled with a sense of hope. Winter is almost over. We are nearing the end!

Disney Baby has some really, really cute pieces out now that will have you oooing and ahhing. Their latest Daisy and Donald collection includes sailor inspired pieces for both boys and girls. Go ahead and take a look. I bet you won’t be able to resist!

Home Sweet Home with Winnie the Pooh & Friends

The gender neutral nursery is a hot topic these days. I’ve written a couple of articles focused on the simple beauty of gender neutral decor and baby gear, and have noticed there are plenty of other publications doing the same. We’ve always had a gender neutral nursery. I always knew that I wanted three children, and I wasn’t interested in spending money on three different nurseries or brand new baby gear. We did quite well and reused pretty much everything, except of course the shoes and clothes for my son.

Winnie the Pooh has always been one of my favourite characters for babies and tots. Maybe it’s because I, too, was raised with this iconic character. The new “Home Sweet Home” collection from Disney Baby is perfect for those looking into a gender neutral theme. The design is subtle, yet fun and cheery. You’ll notice quite a few honeycombs too ;)

The Enchanted Collection ~ Nursery Furniture for Little Princesses

If you’ve been reading Disney Baby for awhile now, you’ll most likely recall the post where I featured “everything you need” to create a princess nursery. Not only did that include Disney’s Cinderella and “Little Princess” bedding collections — stunning choices for your little girl’s nursery, mind you — it featured accessories and decor items to really spruce up the room.

“What about the furniture?” you ask? Well, that particular category was the one that I completely missed. Everyone knows a princess needs a royal crib to sleep in!

In partnership with Babies”R”Us and Disney Baby, Delta has designed the “Enchanted Collection,” which includes a gorgeous crib and three different dresser options for your little lady. Even though each piece complements the Disney Princess nursery theme, they could easily be used in any other nursery for a little girl. The creamy white finish and carved bow details are simply breathtaking! <!–more–> [slideshow]

Buzz Lightyear! 7 New Additions to the Toy Story Collection

Toy Story is one of my son’s favourite Disney movies. It’s funny because he’s so much more into toys in general than my girls ever were. He lines all of his cars up in a row, “parks” them around the house, and brings toys, trains, bears, and cars into his bed at night. It doesn’t matter if they are made out of metal, plastic or plush — they still come into bed with him.

His fierce loyalty to his toys has made Toy Story even more relatable for me this time around.

Late last year, we featured some of the new Toy Story fashions. You may recall bandana and denim themed dresses and overalls inspired by Woody and Jessie? So cute! Disney Baby has since added some new additions to the collection, but these ones are inspired by Buzz Lightyear. Couldn’t forget about him, now could we?<!–more–>[slideshow]

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