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MINNIE MOUSE Baby Lovie® from SwaddleDesigns

A sweet lovie for your sweet little mouse. This silky soft security blanket, featuring an iconic Minnie Mouse print in pastel pink, has textures that your little one will love to explore. This lovie was crafted using 100% cotton flannel for the center panel with a silky satin border and back.

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Suggested Retail Price: 20.00

Product Info

For Little Ones:

6 mos+

What's Included:

  • Great gift can be used and enjoyed for years
  • SwaddleDesigns recommends keeping the Baby Lovie security blanket close to your skin for several hours to absorb your scent which will help your baby bond with the blanket
  • Made in USA

Bigger than a Breadbox?

14" x 14"

Material Things:

Satin & cotton flannel

Take Care:

Machine (wash warm, tumble dry warm)

Made By:

Rocket Fuel