Baby Feeding Tips

Make mealtime fun and easy with our baby feeding tips and ideas. From easy first recipes to on-the-go snack tips and ideas for fussy eaters, you'll find plenty of great advice on how to satisfy your moodie little foodie.

He’s Eating Pad Thai! 16 Surprising Foods Our Baby Loves

I’ll never forget when Judah first started eating solid foods: I was so excited to finally introduce flavors and textures to our son! My husband and I are big foodies: We love to cook, we love to go out to eat, and we love to try new foods and food experiences together. So it’s only natural that we’d be raising our baby to be a foodie, too!

We’ve introduced him to so any different foods, flavors and textures and we’re hopeful that as he grows into toddlerhood, we won’t go through as difficult of a “picky eater” phase as a result. Judah won’t hesitate to tell us when he’s finished eating or if he doesn’t want a particular food – but he’s also so much more willing to try new foods compared to other toddlers his age, too.

Here are some of the more adventurous foods and food experiences that Judah has had so far.

An Update on Macks' Journey to Gain Weight

I woke up on Friday morning with knots in my stomach. All of our hard work for the past week was being put to the test. Either what we’ve done has worked, or we’ve failed again at our attempts to get Macks to gain weight.

Two "Magic Foods" That Help Wyatt Eat More

As any parent transitioning a little one from baby food to full-time solids knows, babies are picky eaters. There’s no rhyme or reason to what they like or don’t like. As we’re moving into almost exclusively “big boy” foods, we’ve had many fails, some victories, and a whole lot of patience.

Then, we discovered two magic foods…

What's for Lunch? (Foods My Toddler and I Both Love)

KJ loves to eat, it runs in the family. He has always been a good eater. I have friends who ask me how I get KJ to eat so healthy, and the truth is…

5 Tips for Traveling for Work While Breastfeeding

Traveling for work as a new mom can be pretty stressful as it is, but add nursing to the mix, and it can be a real challenge.

When my son was just 4 months old, I had to take my first work trip to New York to do a TV segment for a brand I was representing. Although I was going to be gone for less than 24 hours, I remember being so nervous/anxious.

In case you are planning to travel for work and are breastfeeding, here are a few tips that worked for me:

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