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Mealtime Made Fun With Disney

I officially have two solid food eaters in my house now! Bentley is ten months old and we are trying to wean him from his bottle. He is now only having 2-3 bottles a day, and eats all meals with us.

So you can imagine our excitement when we received some new mealtime items in the mail from Disney Baby. Our boys already love using them. Click here to find out more!

Our Magical New Lunchtime Item

As a stay-at-home mom, I always have lunch with my two sons. Most days we are home for lunch and they sure do know how to make a mess when they eat! Thankfully, though, we were recently given an item that helps us keep the mess down. Read on and find out what it is!

I am totally obsessed with these waterproof, sleeved bibs from Bumkins.

I wasn’t sure how my boys would react to wearing something on their arms during mealtime, but they weren’t bothered by the bibs at all! It helps that the material is actually very soft and that it has pictures of KJ’s favorite characters on them.

We love the Monsters, Inc. decor from Disney Baby. The boys’ nursery is decorated with turquoise and bright green and gray so anything Monsters, Inc. usually matches the theme we have for the boys already.

When lunch was over, I removed the bibs and Voila!, no mess and totally clean shirts! KJ actually liked the bib so much he asked to wear it again at dinner. That has NEVER happened before.

I pack them into our diaper bag and take them with us to restaurants and parents always ask us where we got them from and compliment us on how clean our kids have stayed!

If I were you, I would definitely order a few of these for your little ones.

You can find an assortment of bibs, in different Disney Baby themes at Just click here!

How I'm Teaching My Baby to Use Utensils

My Isabel has always had an independent streak, especially when it comes to feeding. She would often reject purees, opting for small pieces of table food that she could pick up with her fingers. Now that she’s a little older though, I would prefer that she eat with utensils than getting her hands all dirty.

I purchased these Minnie Mouse utensils and have been trying to encourage her to use them. She loves the set. We’ve been practicing using them at meal times, and she’s really getting the hang of it. 

Finally! A Sippy Cup That Works for Us

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving me the NUK Disney Learner Cup for free.

When it comes to sippy cups, I’m not easily impressed. As evidenced by the entire kitchen cupboard that I just purged, full of sippies that didn’t quite make the cut during my daughter’s babyhood. They all failed me for one reason or another — especially the ones that leaked all over my purse and ruined things in the process. Definitely less than ideal.

So, now with my little Clive ready for his first sippy, I was at a loss for what to try. He was never willing to take a bottle, which made things even tricker, but luckily I’ve found the sippy cup of our dreams. This one is seriously fantastic.

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