Baby Milestones

See which milestones to track as your baby grows, hear from other parents experiencing these firsts, and get great ideas for how to record each big (and small) baby event.

Judah's First Haircut

It’s been a big week for Judah: he just started walking and over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, he got his first haircut! We had no idea what to expect: if Judah would squirm or cry or fuss… and he surprised us all!

Read more to see the finished look and a video of the experience!

Look Who's FINALLY Walking!

We worried. We coached. We waited… and waited, and waited, and waited some more. And then, as if by magic just last weekend, he finally did it: Judah started walking all on his own!

You Know Baby is Teething When...

With every milestone Amani has gone through, the signs have been there. Her tendency to roll to her left side every time I placed her down led to her rolling over. She loved tummy time, which led to strengthened upper body muscles, strong enough to start crawling. Then she began to reveal the newest milestone upon us — teething!

Teething Baby

A Magical Minnie Mouse Themed First Birthday Party

My niece Phoenix just turned one! My-oh-my, how time flies by. My sister-in-law Sarah and her mom and sister put her party together. They decided on a Minnie Mouse theme. It was the most adorable birthday party I’ve ever been to!

Read on for some ideas for throwing your own Minnie Mouse themed birthday party and to see adorable pics of Phoenix’s party!

Baby's First Foodie Adventure

“When I’m rumbly in my tumbly, then it’s time to eat” – WINNIE THE POOH

Since I happen to have a baby who would love nothing more than to nurse 24/7, I figured our always-hungry, little pooh bear would be a big fan of food once we started solids. First steps first…decide which food to introduce first. We decided to keep it simple and go with mashed up avocado and this is how it went…

Rocket Fuel