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Why Fitting Room Nursing Sessions Are My Perfect Time-Out

As a mama to four kids, pretty much every minute of my day is accounted for and dedicated to my family. Sometimes I feel like I have multiple personalities as I try to think for and think ahead of each child’s actions to keep things under control. Running errands with all four girls is almost like synchronized swimming. I have to keep everyone in applause worthy formation without making too much of a splash. It’s when every single girl begins to take on her own routine that I begin to unravel. That becomes my cue for a fitting room time out.

Smiles, Laughs, & Tears at the Doctor

It was over in a flash. But the tears, crying, and screaming lasted much longer…or so it felt.

10 Signs You're a Parent of 3 Kids

Even though I’ve been a mom of three for nearly six months now, I still have to remind myself every once in awhile. Three kids is a lot. My husband and I often joke that we’re now in “zone defense.” We’re outnumbered. We don’t have enough hands. Usually one kid is mad, one is happy, and one is sad. We’re fairly convinced that they take turns to make sure at least someone is upset around the clock. Parents of three or more kids, I salute you. It is no easy gig.

Here are a few signs you’re a parent of three or more…

Spruce Up for Fall with the Adorable Finding Nemo 4-Piece Bedding Set

Decorating the nursery is one of the most exciting times leading up to Baby–from choosing a theme and finding the right accessories, to the smell of new, freshly washed sheets filling the room.

For us, now a year later, we’ve been making slight changes to the room, and with the change of the season, a bit of a sprucing up could be the perfect way to bring that fresh feeling back.

That’s why this Finding Nemo 4-piece Bedding Set is perfect. Available right now at Babies“R”Us, it’s a great way to liven up the nursery with beautiful, vivid color.

Capture Picture Perfect Moments with This DIY Photo Station

We just don’t take pictures like we used to. With cell phones, selfies, and social media, we’re often looking for that quick snap instead of a planned photo. So with our recent party, we tried to fix that by giving our guests a place to create a perfect photo op.

Take a look at how we built our custom Sailboat Photo Station.

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