First Birthday Party Ideas

Turning one is fun! Get creative ideas for your little one's first birthday. From party themes to recipes, decorations, and favors, find plenty of celebration inspiration.

Magical 1st Birthday with Nemo & Friends

Thanks to Disney Baby and for sponsoring this post and for giving me the Finding Nemo DecoSet for free, as well as to Albertson’s for decorating our cake.

We are officially parents of a one year old! I mean…how, when did that happen? I still remember bringing him home from the hospital, the EPIC first night we had at home, and all the tired and sleepless nights that were the first year.

But now we have this handsome, soon to be walking on his own, interested in everything little boy. It’s the most satisfying and wonderful feeling I’ve ever experienced. To celebrate his first year, we threw a “sail”-ebration backyard birthday party complete with an amazing Finding Nemo cake.

The Secret to Enjoying the Party as Host

It’s almost here! All week, I’ve been sharing about the lead up to Wyatt’s 1st birthday. With everything to do, it’s easy to get distracted trying to have everything juuuuust right for the party. As someone who likes to make sure everyone is having a good time, I can often forget to relax and enjoy the festivities myself. That’s why this weekend — I have a secret I hope to remember.

Why the Birthday Boy is the Best Gift of All

We’re just a few days away from Wyatt’s first birthday! It’s exciting, slightly stressful, and a bit emotional. (How’d it happen so fast?) Approaching the day, we’ve been considering gifts, and we’ve had family and others ask us for ideas. It made us think about something we originally hadn’t considered — planning for what’s to come rather then just right now.

How We're (Trying) to Plan a Stress-Free 1st Birthday

This week kicks off what we’re affectionately calling “Birthday Week” in our house. Not so much in the sense that we’re celebrating all week, but we’re prepping for Wyatt’s first birthday this coming weekend.

First birthdays come in all shapes and sizes, from large events to small celebrations, but no matter the size, they can be stressful to plan, organize, and enjoy. Though they (hopefully) don’t have to be.

Here’s what we tried to remember to plan a stress-free 1st birthday.

These Mickey & Minnie Plush Toys Are the Perfect Gift

We’ve been searching long and hard for birthday ideas for our little guy. In just two short weeks, he turns one (ack!). It’s hard to think his first year has come and gone already, but what an amazing year it’s been.

As we’ve been prepping for his birthday, I’ve been looking for some great (and cost effective) gifts, and we’ve found just the thing. These Mickey & Minnie Dress & Play plush toys are fantastic!

They’re wonderful for play and exploration with your little one. The soft plush is just right for them to hold and squeeze — and with zippers, buttons, and ties to tinker and play with, these Mickey and Minnie plush toys are a wonderful option. At $29.99, they’re also easy on the wallet. Plus, you get to start your Disney collection early!

Head on over to Amazon and “one click” these adorable plush toys into your cart. Let those little fingers get to work experiencing the texture and fun Mickey and Minnie bring to everyone!

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