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Playtime brings out the child inside all of us. Get inspired by these creative games to play with Baby. Let your imagination run wild!

New Year's Resolution: Finding the Magic in Playtime With My Baby

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When it comes to parenting we all have our strengths and weaknesses. I tend to excel most in the practical side of parenting. Making meals and tidying up after my kiddos…packing a mean diaper bag? Those things are kind of my jam. But, when it comes to actually sitting down and playing with my babies? Well, let’s just say it doesn’t exactly come naturally.

Finding the Magic in Playtime With My Baby

Amani's Taste for Adventure

Does your baby have a favorite place to crawl to? A particular spot in the house that calls to them every single time that they just can’t avoid? Perhaps it’s the Tupperware cabinet or a favorite basket of toys. For a while, Amani loved crawling all through the house until she reached the heater vent. Since she’s learned to pull herself up, her newest hot spot in the house happens to be the same place that always draws me in too.

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25+ Christmas Crafts for Little Ones

My girls love to do arts and crafts, especially when they are holiday-themed! Even before Thanksgiving, they were asking to do some Christmas crafts. Now that December is finally here, I will kindly oblige! I’ve rounded up the cutest Christmas crafts and activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and more.

From handmade ornaments and festive sensory play to paper Christmas tree art and cereal candy canes, your little one will LOVE these Christmas crafts! Click through to see them all…

Christmas Play Dough Fun for Toddlers

My girls LOVE to do fun projects, arts, and crafts – especially if they are CHRISTMAS related! They always ask to do play dough, and even though I sort of hate the stuff, I said “yes” last week and came up with this fun Christmas play dough activity for my girls. It’s an easy one to do and it kept my girls entertained for a long time! Here’s what you need…

5 Indoor Activities That Keep My Little One Happy

My big boy is growing a little more every day. Some days I almost can’t believe exactly how fast it is happening. The older he gets, the more his little personality shines through. As he grows, he becomes all the more curious and explores — poking and prying around, each time discovering something he enjoys doing.

These are some of Aarlen’s favorite indoor activities!

5 Indoor Activities that Keep My Toddler Happy

5 Indoor Activities that Keep My Toddler Happy
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